Trade Secrets Get An Access Keycard (2024)

1. Trade Secrets | Fallout Wiki - Fandom

  • Hornwright Estate · Overseer, Overseen · The Motherlode · Penelope Hornwright

  • Trade Secrets is a main quest in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders. In order to break into Vault 79, Paige requires a massive drill to bypass RobCo's defense grid entirely by drilling straight into the vault itself. The problem is that Foundation does not have this kind of heavy construction equipment, since the caravan had to travel light. In order to find a solution, the Vault Dwellers are asked to seek out the remains of Hornwright Industrial and find a way to provide the settlers with the m

2. "Trade Secrets" - Quest - Fallout 76 - Bethesda Support

  • Go to the Hornwright Estate · Get an access keycard for the safe room gate. (Optional) Look for clues to the passcode; Note: There is another one in the basem*nt ...

  • Quest Journal Entry     General Quest Information For details and to see the objectives to complete this quest, click the

3. Fallout 76: Find All Keycard Clues In Trade Secrets - TheGamer

4. Hornwright Estate - Fallout Wiki - Fandom

  • Hornwright Estate lab key - Key, obtained during Trade Secrets. Accesses door. Hornwright safe room access card - Obtained during Trade Secrets. Opens ID card ...

  • Hornwright Estate is a location in the boundary between the Savage Divide and Ash Heap regions in Appalachia. This estate is the seat of power of the Hornwright family, owners of the Hornwright Industrial Mining Company. It's a classic example of a Mega Mansion, a marker of wealth in Bramwell, on the edge of the Ash Heap. The ground floor contains traces of the miner riots that swept through Appalachia shortly before the Great War. The bricked foyer contains a looted bar and a secure elevator le

5. Trade Secrets - The Fallout Wiki

6. Get access keycard - Find Eyebot sensor module at Fallout 76 Nexus

  • Posted: Apr 29, 2020

  • Fallout 76 Wastelanders DLC - Trade Secrets | Get access keycard, Find Eyebot sensor module...

7. Fallout 76 key - The Fallout Wiki

  • Able to obtain a one-time keycode (for access to TNT dome #2 at Black ... Secrets of West Tek, 002E14F9. Generic Keycard, Whitespring room 201 card Unused ...

  • This page lists all Fallout 76 Keys.

8. Key/Access/ID Card Request - Facilities Management

  • Keycard Access. UT keys and access cards are for official University use only ... Standard access allows a person to unlock the door, enter the building ...

  • Facilities Management

Trade Secrets Get An Access Keycard (2024)
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