FENDER SQUIER CLASSIC VIBE 50'S BUTTERSCOTCH BLONDE BLACKGUARD - musical instruments - by owner - sale - craigslist (2024)

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FENDER SQUIER CLASSIC VIBE 50'S BUTTERSCOTCH BLONDE BLACKGUARD - musical instruments - by owner - sale - craigslist (1)

condition: new

make / manufacturer: Fender

model name / number: Squier Classic Vibe 50's Tele

size / dimensions: 11" X 11"

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GREETING BOYS N' BERRIES. You might be wondering what's up with a post from the original sin-city in guitar-town, Tennessee? Simple, looking for WORKING MUSICIANS with a few extra bucks to spend on gear they might want and can use.

TWIN-TELE HEAVEN. I am a bona fide Tele-geek/collector and have two of the absolute best left of a bunch I bought over the years. All brand-new, unplayed, never left climate-controlled studio (or house for that matter), no smoke, no pets, no sh*t. New with tags, owner's manuals, neck adj. wrenches, and their Fender shipping cartons even. All classic Butter-Scotch Blondies and all Fender Squier Classic Vibes 50's Teles Blackguards (and all that that implies), just cheaper, as these are the Squiers. These all came from Sweetwater, where you can choose which actual guitar you want, see photos, and perhaps most importantly, get guitar weights. They go for $429.99. Still with plastic on pickguards and chrome neck pickup with original strings, basically untouched. All in brand-new perfect fitting heavy-duty Musicians Friend, Musicians Gear (MG MEG) Molded ABS Tele cases which go for $149.99 complete with set of keys. BTW will not find a better more sturdy and heavy-duty case than these. Fits the Teles like a glove and solid and I have tried them all.

And here is the best part...both 7 pounders! Extremely rare, almost nonexistent. Weight has to do with how well the wood is cured (moisture content) and the better cured the wood, the more resonate the instrument, which is what you want. Strum a good resonate lightweight, unplugged old Tele and the SOB will ring out nice to the point you can even sorta play it that way and hear it. The 50's Teles were all about 7 pounders (plus or minus) and a pleasure to play and even just pick up outta their cases (I know I had and played an (actual) '52 professionally for years). When a Tele gets to 9-10 lbs. they are simply too damn heavy (a 10 lb. Tele is an oxymoron) and you might as well be playing a Les Paul. Awesome guitars, and everyone is knocked out by these Classic Vibes.

These are the PINE bodies (like the original very early 50's) and maple neck Blackguards and have awesome, pleasing to the eye, bodies as well (many do not). To get 'em lightweight AND with nice bodies is quite rare, you will simply never find a matched pair of these this nice. One of these has a more opaque and creamy butterscotch finish, reminiscent of an actual Fender '52 reissue and those went for two grand, the other has last four digits of serial '1956'! Alnico single coils and with a neck pup better than the original Teles had. These are truly the cream of the crop and a steal by any measure.

Both 2021's (matched set if you will) and 'ISS' serial's which means made in Indonesia Squiers and made by Samick, which is considered the best factory for these to come from, and some say on par with Fender stuff itself.

Some cool stuff you can do with these I was going to do, is to replace the 3 stainless-steel bridge saddles with brass ones as on the originals (said to sound more authentic and certainly look better) and Fender does have the original and awesome original Tweed Thermometer cases to fit these for $199.99 as well. All the data/info you could want (and then some) on these is available online, tons of reviews and you tube videos comparisons as well. Suffice it to say the Tele community has been nuts about these 50's Classic Vibes for years now, I could include some comments, but this is long enuf and you can find them for yourself. Only problem with them is most are pretty heavy, and lots have not so nice bodies. Check them out for yourself.

You see this post, items are for sale, no need to ask. Have sold large gear (88 key Fender Rhodes Suitcase Piano and speaker/amp bottom comes to mind) to Nashville musicians before and am located just off I-80 in Reno, Exit 9, few miles from California state line. We met at the exit ramp and loaded the stuff into their truck, they did not even have to leave the interstate. Have a new, unused Lacquered Tweed Fender Blues Jr. posted as well here (see other posts by seller) which would be absolutely perfect with these Teles. If you are heading to California on tour or on vacation or whatnot, we can easily meet at your convenience. We can also ship the guitar(s), have all the original Fender cartons and packing materials and guitars will be in in their heavy-duty ABS cases. Cost Reno to Nashville maybe $80-$90 bucks each and I know how to pack bomb-proof UPS-proof. Call or email (number in post, sorry do not do texts).

Gettin' old and on new wife's orders cleaning out home studio/office and pricey commercial storage units, no tax, no fees, no flakes, no checks, no B.S., never desperate, specialize in quality stuff for quality people who can appreciate it. These will be posted on other sites as well, so if you want them, buy them, as once a bid is received on other site, they come off here pronto and vice-versa. Also, did I mention no pricey sales tax here. Firm price.

Cash only, no holds, no trades, no B.S. These instruments are currently for sale on Sweetwater, where they were purchased, for $429.99, add in another $149.99 for the ABS hard cases and don't forget sales tax of another $40-$50 or so, and that makes it $620-$630. You can have your pick of the litter or better yet, buy both today, for $400 each.

P.S. Have an awesome brand-new unused FENDER BLUES JR. LACQUERED TWEED TUBE COMBO AMP posted as well, which would make an incredible amp to go with these, available here as well (click 'more ads by this user' link).

Thanks, Dave.

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    FENDER SQUIER CLASSIC VIBE 50'S BUTTERSCOTCH BLONDE BLACKGUARD - musical instruments - by owner - sale - craigslist (2024)


    What is the difference between Fender Player and Squier? ›

    The Squiers aren't quite up to the same standard as the Fenders. Many of the components used to make the Fender guitars tend to result in an instrument that resonates more. Most Squiers are made using cheaper woods, pickups and hardware – a saving that is then passed on to you.

    Did Fender buy Squier? ›

    Squier Company" was founded in 1890 by Victor Carroll Squier in Battle Creek, Michigan, producing strings for violins, banjos, and guitars. In 1965, the company was acquired by Fender.

    Do any professional guitarists use Squier? ›

    Jack Pearson, most famous for his contributions to The Allman Brothers Band, has famously also used Squier Bullet Stratocasters for touring. In 2013, when a friend was looking for an entry-level guitar for his daughter, Pearson offered to help.

    Why are Fender Squiers so cheap? ›

    Several factors make their prices vary greatly. Squiers are typically made of less expensive materials. Second, Squiers are usually manufactured in countries with less costly labor, such as China or Indonesia. On the other hand, Fender is made with expensive labor in American factories.

    Can a Squier be as good as a Fender? ›

    However, the overall feel and vibe are there, and you can argue that there is not much difference in the tone quality between Squier and Fender Strats, though you can notice a purer tone in Fender Strats.

    What is the most expensive Squier? ›

    A Fender Squier Stratocaster once owned by the late George Harrison brought $29,384 at a Cooper Owen auction held at London's Hard Rock Café last night (see News Desk story from October 20, 2003).

    Are Squiers made in China? ›

    Squire, Some Shektor, Avalon and many other names. They originally started out in Korea but as the production costs in Korea started to equal that of Japan (along with the quality) they opened up plants in China and Indonesia.

    How does squire compare to Fender? ›

    First off, Fender use more expensive wood. Typical Squier bodies can be made from basswood and sometimes pine, whereas Fenders are usually Alder. Now, tonally speaking it's all subjective, but Alder is a consistently resonant timber that's also stable.

    What is the difference between Fender and Fender player? ›

    The Player Series replaces the Standard Series and is the new foundational offering and first official step into Fender's electric guitar product lines. Built for players who dream of taking their art to the next level, these guitars have a signature sound and classic look that only Fender's iconic models can provide.

    Are Fender and Squier pickups the same? ›

    Fender vs Squier: Sounds & tones

    The pickups and hardware aren't quite up to the same quality, which in turn affects how the instruments sound and feel. While all Squiers are made in the Far East, Fenders are made in Mexico, Japan and the USA, with the price points generally going up in that order too.

    Are Fender and Squier bodies the same? ›

    Squier diligently follows the designs of the original Stratocaster series, so there's not much difference in how the two guitars look. This goes for the coloring as well as the staple two-horn body. The main difference is that most Squier bodies are cut out into two parts, and through mass-production means.

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