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Jewelry is a form of self-expression as much as it is a fashion statement, which is why it’s essential to shop from reputable companies that’ll meet your expectations.

That being said, those jewelry kiosks you pass by in the mall might raise some concerns but fear not, we’re here to demystify one of the most popular mall-based jewelry retailers, Banter by Piercing Pagoda.

If you want to learn more about what Banter by Piercing Pagoda offers and if it’s a brand worth checking out, read our Banter by Piercing Pagoda reviews.

What Is Banter By Piercing Pagoda?

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Piercing Pagoda—renamed Banter by Piercing Pagoda in 2021—is a jewelry company that’s been around since 1969.

Primarily recognized for its kiosks around large shopping malls, Banter by Piercing Pagoda has offered piercings and other fine jewelry for more than 50 years.

Along with the brand’s rename, the company also began operating non-kiosk stores and, of course, its online store.

Banter by Piercing Pagoda Reviews

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Overall: ★★★★ 3.5 stars

What we love the most about Banter’s selection of jewelry is that it’s completely affordable and accessible.

There are so many pieces of jewelry to choose from that can accommodate anyone’s budgets and styles, plus you can even get pierced at one of the company’s kiosks or stores!

However, there are some criticisms when it comes to Banter by Piercing Pagoda’s piercing methods—namely that the piercers often use a piercing gun rather than a needle (but this may depend on location).

Other issues some take up with the company is that it’s inconsistent and has poor customer service. But don’t worry, we’ll get into all the drama in a bit.

Price: ★★★★ 4 stars

As mentioned before, we’re mostly in love with how affordable and accessible the brand’s jewelry pieces are.

From toe rings to bridal jewelry, the price range can go as low as $2 and can reach as high as $4,000.

Even better, you can even check out Banter’s clearance page for even more deals and steals.

Customer Service: ★★★ 2.5 stars

It’s a little tough to accurately rate Banter by Pierce Pagoda’s customer service because of the many kiosks, stores, and online services Banter has to offer.

However, generally speaking, customers haven’t been too satisfied with the company’s customer service, saying that finding resolutions for issues are difficult and frustrating.

Piercing Pagoda Piercing Services Review

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Banter by Piercing Pagoda offers ear piercings, body piercings, and ear piercings for children.

The brand is very big on offering a sterile, safe, and comfortable experience when it comes to getting pierced.

The Banter by Piercing Pagoda website states that when it comes to ear piercings, a piercing gun or a single-use hollow needle can be used.

Piercing guns are recommended for children, however, many piercing enthusiasts are against the use of piercing tools other than needles because they can damage the cartilage and make the healing process longer.

However, when piercing any other part of the face such as the nose or the eyebrow, Banter by Piercing Pagoda does use pre-sterilized single-use hollow needles. Any other reusable tools are cleaned and sterilized with the use of an autoclave.

Piercing prices can range from $35 to $55, depending on where you want to get pierced. This is also does not include the price of the jewelry.

Banter by Piercing Pagoda Earrings Review

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Banter by Piercing Pagoda has an impressive collection of earrings, with a huge variety of styles and designs for different ear piercings.

Browsing through so many pieces might be a little overwhelming, but luckily, the brand makes it super simple and easy to shop.

Made up of tons of different categories so you can easily pinpoint what you’re looking for, shoppers have the option to browse by materials, style, gender, and price!

Whether you’re looking for studs, hoops, or pearl earrings, Banter by Piercing Pagoda definitely has what you’re looking for.

Even better, prices for Banter’s earrings are budget-friendly, ranging from $2 to $2,000.

Banter by Piercing Pagoda Body Jewelry Review

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Like with its earring collection, Banter by Piercing Pagoda also has an awesome selection of body jewelry.

Whether you’re looking for new pieces to stack or you’re looking for a new piece for a new piercing, Banter by Piercing Pagoda has options for the nose, belly button, tongue, eyebrow, and more!

Prices begin as low as $2 and can reach up to $400, meaning everybody with different budgets are able to shop comfortably.

Of course, some customers who’ve had experience buying body jewelry with the brand do believe you get what you pay for, so be sure to shop with that in mind.

What Customers Are Saying

There are lots of Banter by Piercing Pagoda reviews, but there are better ways to spend your time than combing through them. Luckily for you, we did the work for you!

Here are some of the most important things we found that anyone potentially shopping with the brand should know, according to real customers:

  • tons of jewelry to pick from
  • it’s affordable, but it’s better to go to a piercing shop
  • might not be the best choice if you have metal allergies
  • customer service is not the vibes
  • love that Piercing Pagoda offers piercings for kids
  • many customers dislike that they use piercing guns
  • quick, easy, and affordable


Did Piercing Pagoda change its name?

Yes. Back in 2021, Piercing Pagoda wanted to rebrand and spruce things up a little, so the company became Banter by Piercing Pagoda.

Does Banter by Piercing Pagoda have real jewelry?

According to Piercing Pagoda, all fine jewelry pieces are made from 10k or 14k gold or sterling silver. The company also carries small diamonds, gems, cubic zirconia, and pearls.

Can you shower with Banter by Piercing Pagoda jewelry?

Yes! Since the jewelry is made of gold or sterling silver, it can typically withstand the activities of everyday life such as showering, working out, and sleeping. Of course, Piercing Pagoda does recommend regular maintenance of the jewelry.

The Final Verdict

We think Banter by Piercing Pagoda is a decent place to check out, especially if you’re new to the world of piercings and body jewelry.

It’s a good affordable and accessible option for those looking to explore new pieces, but if you’re looking to get your ears pierced at one of their kiosks, nothing really beats the work of a reputable piercer at a trusted shop. Plus, we love the idea of supporting local businesses and artists.

In short, Piercing Pagoda isn’t a bad choice, but it’s certainly not the best if you want to get a piercing or buy quality piercing jewelry.

If Piercing Pagoda isn’t for you, check out below for some similar alternatives to Piercing Pagoda you might want to check out.

Banter by Piercing Pagoda Alternatives

Banter by Piercing Pagoda Reviews: Here’s The Tea | ClothedUp (2024)
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