All Crossword Puzzle Answers in Persona 5 Royal (2024)

Apart from defeating the bosses, and becoming the ultimate phantom thief, there are lot more things you can do in Persona 5 Royal. Such as completing the crossword puzzles in the game. These crossword puzzles are available on some evenings, once you return to Café Leblanc. As soon as you reach there you might come across a book on the table. This book consists of various crosswords that you can answer to collect free in-game rewards. The only thing you’ll need to do is interact with it and solve the line or words highlighted in blue circles. If you’ve already started solving the puzzle but struggling to solve one of them, then we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of all the correct answers for the crossword puzzle in Persona 5 Royal.

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All Crossword Puzzle Answers in Persona 5 Royal (1)

Here’s a list of all the Persona 5 Royal crossword puzzle correct answers organized by thier date & month. Before you dive into the answers, for those who are unaware, solving these puzzles helps the player gain knowledge. Every right answer gives the player 1+ free knowledge points in the game. So without any further ado let’s take a look at all the crossword answers mentioned below.

Persona 5 Royal Crossword Answers 1 (4/18)

Question: How school years are divided
Answer: Semesters

Crossword Answer 2 (4/27)

Question: Cherry (?) viewing
Answer: Blossom

Persona 5 Royal Crossword Answer 3 (5/2)

Question: Time for a trip (?) Week
Answer: Golden

Crossword Answer 4 (5/10)

Question: What are the May Blues?
Answer: Malaise

Crossword Answer 5 (5/18)

Question: Where art is shown off and sold
Answer: Gallery

Crossword Answer 6 (5/26)

Question: A type of outdoor allergy
Answer: Pollenosis

Crossword Answer 7 (5/31)

Question: Nihonga: (?) Cultural artwork
Answer: Japanese

Persona 5 Royal Puzzle Crossword Answers 8 (6/3)

Question: Label for an unparalleled artist
Answer: Master

Crossword Answer 9 (6/7)

Question: Held to inform the public
Answer: Conference

Crossword Answer 10 (6/16)

Question: Changes with the season
Answer: Wardrobe

Crossword Answer 11 (6/22)

Question: Exchanged all over the world
Answer: Currency

Crossword Answer 12 (6/30)

Question: A border between air masses
Answer: Front

Persona 5 Royal Crossword Answer 13 (7/7)

Question: Medicine of varying legality
Answer: Narcotics

Crossword Answer 14 (7/12)

Question: Many student’s greatest love
Answer: Vacation

Crossword Answer 15 (7/19)

Question: These gauge student knowledge
Answer: Finals

Crossword Answer 16 (7/27)

Question: A seasonal skybound event
Answer: Fireworks

Persona 5 Royal Crossword Answers 17 (8/3)

Question: A stationary hotspot: heat
Answer: Island

Crossword Answer 18 (8/8)

Question: Necessary for dares
Answer: Courage

Crossword Answer 19 (8/17)

Question: A common skin injury
Answer: Sunburn

Crossword Answer 20 (8/25)

Question: When it’s too hot to sleep
Answer: Sweltering

Crossword Answer 21 (8/30)

Question: Techy term for e-infiltration
Answer: Hacking

Persona 5 Royal Crossword Answer 22 (9/2)

Question: Localized destructive storm
Answer: Typhoon

Crossword Answer 23 (9/19)

Question: Tsukimi: lunar viewing
Answer: Festival

Crossword Answer 24 (9/28)

Question: Establishing order or worth
Answer: Ranking

Persona 5 Royal Crossword Answer 25 (10/6)

Question: Absorbs most light
Answer: Black

Crossword Answer 26 (10/10)

Question: Coopted Celtic Holiday
Answer: Halloween

Crossword Answer 27 (10/31)

Question: Lined up at School Festivals
Answer: Stalls

Persona 5 Royal Crossword Answer 28 (11/4)

Question: Tipster hotlines offers this
Answer: Reward

Crossword Answer 29 (11/14)

Question: Laying into Someone
Answer: Bashing

Crossword Answer 30 (11/28)

Question: Draws people to you
Answer: Charisma

Persona 5 Royal Crossword Answer 31 (12/2)

Question: A.K.A Sweating Sickness
Answer: Influenza

Crossword Answer 32 (12/7)

Question: What lights do for store signage
Answer: Illuminate

Crossword Answer 33 (12/12)

Question: Politicians thrive on this rating
Answer: Approval

Crossword Answer 34 (12/19)

Question: Joyful holiday w/ an intruder
Answer: Christmas

Persona 5 Royal Puzzle Crossword Answers 35 (1/14)

Question: A type of wish: New Year’s
Answer: Resolution

Crossword Answer 36 (1/19)

Question: Ancient God of theater
Answer: Dionysus

Crossword Answer 37 (1/23)

Question: Ancient God of Fate
Answer: Lachesis

Crossword Answer 38 (1/27)

Question: Ancient Legendary Dragon
Answer: Orochi

That sums up everything about the list of all crossword puzzle correct answers in Persona 5 Royal. We will keep updating this article if new crosswords puzzles arrive. Till then check out how to get all the Trophies in the game.

All Crossword Puzzle Answers in Persona 5 Royal (2024)


How many crossword puzzles are there in Persona 5 Royal? ›

In Persona 5 Royal, the crossword puzzle system has been expanded. Completing the puzzle does not consume time, but only yields one point improvement to the Knowledge social stat. There are 38 puzzles, with a total of 39 available days to play.

Can you miss crossword puzzles in Persona 5? ›

The below dates are based on if you have been completing the puzzles as they become available. If you have missed one, for example, if you don't complete the first one and then check in on the puzzle after April 27th, that one will then be "Semesters" instead.

Where is the 777 in Persona 5 Royal? ›

The Triple Seven store is located in Shibuya Central Street down toward the movie theater, which informs how busy this part-time job can get - with Shibuya being a central district in Tokyo, you can bet on Joker staying busy.

How to do crosswords in Persona 5 Royal? ›

These can be found on certain days in the evening by interacting with the magazine on the leftmost table in Leblanc. Completing them won't advance time, and will boost your Knowledge social stat. You only need to fill in the blue row to complete the puzzle, the answer is in bold for each entry in this guide.

How long is 100% Persona 5 Royal? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Persona 5 Royal is about 101 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 142 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What is the rarest Persona 5 Royal? ›

The Orichalcum is the only Treasure Demon that's exclusive to Persona 5 Royal, appearing in Maruki's Palace near the end of the game. The fact that this Treasure Demon is encountered near the end of the game means that most people really won't go out of their way to encounter this enemy.

Can you keep Arsene Persona 5 Royal? ›

On that note, Arsene is just one of the "components" used for fusion, there's zero reason to keep him in your inventory unless you really like him. Arsene's ultimate form is Satanael, which is story-related and thus you can only fuse him in NG+.

Is there a secret boss in Persona 5 Royal? ›

Like Jose in Persona 5 Royal, Lavenza is a secret boss who returns to reveal Igor's true identity. You may recognize her as she was initially part of the twins, Caroline and Justine, but was ripped apart and her memories scattered.

How do you get Arsene in Persona 5? ›

Persona 5. Arsène is Ren Amamiya's initial Persona. Arsène is obtained during his first confrontation with Shadow Kamoshida in Kamoshida's Palace, where Arsène personally teaches the protagonist how to fight during his first battle.

Which line seems longer in Persona 5? ›

Between A and B, which line seems longer? - They're the same. April 23rd: Between music, theatre, and chariot racing, which sport did Nero win when he participated in the Olympics?

How do you get a unicorn in Persona 5? ›

This Persona can be fused and can be obtained in the Sixth Palace and Mementos.

What is Doom's partner? ›

The shortest crossword solution for Doom's partner is 5 letters long and is called GLOOM.

Is Persona 5 Royal the longest game? ›

Persona 5 Royal: Without a doubt, Persona 5 Royal lands as the longest game in the series, and just generally one of the longest video games ever made with more than 110 hours of content for players to explore and enjoy.

How many places are there in Persona 5 Royal? ›

There are seven main Palaces you go to in the main game, or technically eight, depending on whether you count Mementos, which is everyone's Palace. Like with Persona 4 Golden, Persona 5 Royal adds an additional palace (but after the main game is completed, as opposed to between the penultimate and final dungeons).

Is Persona 5 Royal shorter? ›

Persona 3 is much shorter than Persona 5 Royal if you are NOT doing a 100% run. It most definitely will be. A P3 run without including The Answer is like 80h vs P5's 100h+, and with Royal you get at least 20h more.

How many dungeons are in Persona 5 Royal? ›

There are a total of eight dungeons. A list is below, but beware of spoilers.

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